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Spellbound Indy is an open-format DJ dance night in Indianapolis featuring darkwave, dark alternative, goth, witchhouse, industrial, 80s retro, punk, no wave, EBM, bloghouse, electro, techno, thematic, and other great dark-oriented music.

Also known as Indy's "Dark Rave," Spellbound was created by DJ team Andy & Annie of A-Squared Industries and is co-hosted with DJ Evil Twin. Spellbound is an open format come-as-you-are dance night for everyone 21+ and represents a safe space to party for everyone. From Dec 2016 - Nov 2019 Spellbound was held at Pioneer Indy on the last Saturday of every month, and since Dec 2019 it has called The White Rabbit Cabaret home on the last Saturday of each month. New Year's Eve festivities are held annually at The 416 Wabash Event Hall.

Special guests have included Lol Tolhurst of the legendary band The Cure,

Martin Atkins of bands Pigface, Ministry, Killing Joke (and more), 

Greg Corner of the band Kill Hannah, Craig Pfunder of the band VHS or Beta,

The Pirate Twins of Scary Lady Sarah & William Faith (Nocturna-Chicago),

and DJs as varied as _noncompliant_, Ellie Herring, Mr E-DJ, Jin X-S, Rev. Spook, DJ Skeletal, Action Jackson, John Larner, DJ Dungeonchrist (of GWAR), DJ Fate, DJ Gabby Love, DJ Vaux, DJ Spectre, SECTRA, Shibascream, Mild Cherry, and Duchess.

The bands Odonis Odonis, Public Memory, Minuit Machine, All Your Sisters, Choke Chain, Mission To The Sun, Comfort Cure, Echo Beds, Replicant, Tallies, Angel-Maker, Chasms, Devon Church, Fearing, Twice Dark, Stranger Attractor and Skeleton Hands were all kind enough to perform live on our stage.

Photos by Greg "The Mayor" Andrews.

Original design assets created by Christian Brock Forrer.

Spellbound is sponsored by Indy CD & Vinyl and Moon Drops Distillery.

More about Andy, Annie, and A-Squared Industries here.


Nov 2023 - with DJ guest Jin-XS at White Rabbit Cabaret

Dec 31 2023 - NYE & 7th ANNIVERSARY BASH at 416 Wabash Event Hall



December 2016 Lol Tolhurst (of The Cure)

February 2017 mr E-Dj (Indy, IN)

March 2017 Rev. Spook (Indy, IN)

April 2017 Martin Atkins (of Pigface, Killing Joke, Ministry)

May 2017 Dustin Boltjes (of Skeletonwitch) & Carl Byers (of Sacred Leather, Phoenix Bodies)

June 2017 live band - Skeleton Hands (Cincinnati, OH)

July 2017 Duchess (Indy, IN)

August 2017 Jin X-S (Indy, IN)

September 2017 Lance D Mode and the Kiss Destroyer (Indy, IN)

October 2017 Action Jackson (Rad Summer - Indy, IN)

November 2017 Greg Roper (Indy, IN)

December 2017 Afterdark Resurrection (DJ Wicked Goth + Mister-E-DJ)

January 2018 Craig Pfunder (VHS or Beta - Louisville, KY)

February 2018 Ellie Herring (Lexington, KY)

March 2018 Satanic Hispanic & Dyonna Cross (Black Magick - Chicago, IL)

April 2018 DJ Evan Scott (Cincinnati, OH)

May 2018 Rusty Redenbacher (Indy, IN) & Bit Decay (Indy, IN)

June 2018 Knife Fight (Chicago, IL)

July 2018 live band - Stranger Attractor (Indy, IN)

August 2018 DJ Coppertop (Indy, IN)

September 2018 DJ Joshua Matlock (Indy, IN)

October 2018 Action Jackson (Rad Summer - Indy, IN)

November 2018 The Pirate Twins: Scary Lady Sarah & William Faith (Nocturna - Chicago, IL)

December 2018 8 [2 years of Spellbound!] Noncompliant + DJ John Larner

January 2019 Mild Cherry (Indy, IN)

February 2019 DJ Fate (Indy, IN)

March 2019 DJ Gabby Love (Crush Entertainment - Indy, IN)

April 2019 DJ Skeletal (Rapture - St. Louis, MO)

May 2019 live bands - CHASMS (felte Records) and Devon Church (felte Records),

with DJ Ironfist (Indy, IN)

June 2019 live band - REPLICANT (Chicago, IL : band performance plus DJ sets)

July 2019 Afterdark Resurrection (DJ Wicked Goth + Mister-E-DJ)

August 2019 Martin Atkins (of Pigface, Killing Joke, Ministry)

with Ellie Herring + Black Shield (Lexington, KY)

September 2019 Greg Corner (Kill Hannah, Cloak & Dagger - Chicago)

October 2019 live bands - All Your Sisters (LA, CA) and Echo Beds (Denver, CO)

- Halloween Edition hosted by Mary Fagdalane (Low Pone)

November 2019 The Pirate Twins: Scary Lady Sarah & William Faith (Nocturna - Chicago, IL)

December 2019 - [3 years of Spellbound] DJ Little Town (Indy, IN)

January 2020 - S H I B A S C R E A M

February 2020 - BIT_DECAY

August 2021 - Frankie Teardrop (NYC -, Public Memory, The Harrow)

September 2021 - HARM (NYC), DJ John Larner (Indy)

October 2021 - live music from Odonis Odonis (Toronto - felte Records)

November 2021 - DJ Greg Corner (Chicago) & DJ Patrixia (Chicago)

January 2022 - Dustin Boltjes (Indy, IN)

February 2022 - SECTRA (Denver, CO)

March 2022 - DJ Jin-Xs (Indy, IN)

April 2022 - Duck Trash (Indy, IN)

May 2022 - S H I B A S C R E A M (Indy, IN)

June 2022 - CHOKE CHAIN (Milwaukee, WI)

July 2022 - DJ FATE (Indy, IN)

August 2022 - _NONCOMPLIANT_

September 2022 - DESERTA (LA), MISSION TO THE SUN (Detroit), COMFORT CURE (Detroit)

October 2022 - HALLOWEEN BASH with MINUIT MACHINE (France), and DEAD ED

November 2022 - DJ Nezarec

December 2022 - NYE & 6th ANNIVERSARY BASH at 416 Wabash Event Hall

January 2023 - DJ Plexus

February 2023 - Spellbound Prom with live music from ANGEL-MAKER

March 2023 - CHASMS (LA, felte Records) and DJ Dungeonchrist (GWAR, US Bastards)

April 2023 - DJ VAUX (Indy, IN / SLC, UT)

May 2023 - SHIBASCREAM (Indy, IN) + NIGHT PAIN (Cincinnati, OH)

June 2023 - DJ SPECTRE with live music from TALLIES (Toronto, ON)

July 2023 - Andy Skinner's b-day party with DJ Vaux

August 2023 - live music from TWICE DARK (Bloomington, IN)

Sept 2023 - live music from PUBLIC MEMORY (NYC)

Oct 2023 - Halloween Bash with DJ John Larner!

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